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The Frequency60Hz is a new hair clipper voltage converter that also converts the frequency of your U.S. motorized devices. It is an absolute must-have for those looking for a travel voltage and frequency converter they can rely on. This electric razor converter is guaranteed to work in any country, with any motorized device.

Our commitment first and foremost is to our customers: To ensure their electric 110v 60hz devices—and particularly their motorized hair trimmers and razors—operate at peak performance no matter where in the world they go. Anyone who’s ever dealt with their hair clippers not cutting well or wound up frustrated because their hair clipper was not working properly knows the value of owning a voltage converter for hair clippers. Foreign electrical systems do not provide both the correct voltage and frequency for U.S. hair clippers and that will create problems, such as noisy operation and poor performance. The Frequency60Hz corrects these issues simply and easily.

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