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Frequency60hz 75WIVFC voltage and frequency converter
Frequency60hz 75WIVFC voltage and frequency converter
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Product Description

The Frequency60hz (75wivfc) international voltage and frequency converter was initially created for barbers and grooming enthusiasts who have American 110v electric U.S. clippers/shavers that they want to use outside of the U.S.A. The Frequency60hz converter can be used with small 110-volt motorized devices to ensure correct operation without the normal problems associated with a traditional 220- to-110v converter.

The Frequency60hz (75wvifc) voltage converter is unlike other 220v-to-110v converters which only convert voltage; it converts both the voltage and frequency to emulate U.S. electric wall socket power. It’s ideal for anyone travelling outside the U.S.A with their favourite U.S. 110v clippers/shavers or for anyone living abroad who simply loves the range and quality of U.S. 110v clipper/shavers versus the 220-volt clippers available in Europe.

The Frequency60hz is an absolute must-have if you intend to operate your clipper in Europe or anywhere in world that does not operate on a 110v/60hz power supply. Here’s why:

1. Other AC 220v-to-110v converters do not provide 60hz (they are normally only 50hz)

2. 110-volt clippers that are not supplied with a 110v/60hz frequency will make an deafening noise and may under perform.

The Frequency60hz will operate your favourite 110-volt devices anywhere in the world that has a electric wall socket, no matter what voltage comes out of it—between 100v and 240v. It can be used in businesses, hotels, halls, or homes.

Best of all, it is so easy to use. Simply plug your device into the Frequency60hz U.S. 110v outlet socket and you are ready to go.